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Raw Chocolate-Coconut Macaroons

My husband was desiring raw cacao ‘something’ and I dug up this recipe. We made ’em and it was hard not to let them go in the dehydrator, but it was worth it. They are a bit crumbly until they have been in the dehydrator for some time. It took about a day. We actually went a bit too long and they are a bit hard. That’s O.K., it just means you have to suck on them a bit!

Our kids are too hip on coconut (yet!) but they like these. We had to pare the recipe down to the amount of coconut we had on hand.

Raw Coconut-Chocolate Macaroons

2 Cups coconut, dried
1 Cup Raw Cocoa
1/2 Cup Agave (we use dark most of the time)
1/6 C coconut Oil (warmed so it is liquid)
Pinch Himalayan Sea Salt
Dash Cinnamon

Mix in a bowl. Form into balls. Put on dehydrator screen. Flatten them if you want. Put in the dehydrator. [We needed about a day with the Ronco. But others are saying only 3 hours. Ours were not together in 3 hours.]

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