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Raw Popcorn

This is a great Phase 1 find from:Alex Malinsky of RawGuru.comGourmet & Simple Raw Food RecipesRaw Popcorn by Alex Malinsky"One of my new raw food recipes, texture and taste just like real popcorn"2 cups cauliflower (broken up like popcorn)1 tsp. or more Sea salt3 shakes Dulse flakesCombine everything together in

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Pita Bread

Phase 1 Rainbow Green Live-Food CuisineThis is from Living in the Raw.Pita BreadYield: 7 (6-inch) pita breadsThe thinner you spread the batter, the less time it will take for the pita breads to dehydrate and the better they will taste. To make a perfect circle, cut out the center of

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