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Medicine Juice to Cure What Ails You

My son had too many late nights and came home with a cold and flu symptoms. After a day or so, I made this juice from David Wolfe’s book, Sunfood Diet Success System. I used small bok choy ribs and a ripe jalapeno I found at a Mexican grocery. There wasn’t much juice but it seemed strong enough, so I split it into 3 shots (about 1.5 ounce each) and my husband and I each had one and I left one for Emrys to have when he got up.

Devon reported that Emrys was 100{91e3a87ad9ed6049930b03d9fe747551ba377bfccbb87792dcbd747a78b99eec} better after just one shot! The second time I made it with bigger kale leaves and bigger bok choy and a ripe habanero. WOW! very strong stuff.

The most difficult thing is to find RIPE jalapenos. They are red when ripe. I haven’t had any luck with trying to ripen them. I have tried put it in the sun and put it in a bag with a ripe banana. Any other ideas? Will have to grow my own next year.

David Wolfe says this stuff helps the lymphatic and immune system. It relieves swollen glands in the throat.


1 ripe red jalapeno or ripe orange habanero pepper
5 ribs of bok choy
10 kale leaves


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