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Dr. Gabriel Cousens: Introduction to Holistic Health Lessons

Dr. Gabriel Cousens

I first heard of Dr. Cousens when I found his tiny and thin 1986 edition of Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow Diet in a used book store in Australia. The current version of Spiritual Nutrition is 599 pages and is, in my opinion, THE foundational textbook on how to take care of our human and spiritual bodies for health, longevity and spiritual advancement. Scroll down for links to the 11 Health Lessons of the latest researched information and wisdom about a wide variety of longevity, disease prevention and care, spiritual, dietary, parenting, societal and global impact topics.

In 2016, Dr. Gabriel Cousens agreed to teach an invaluable series of Health Lessons as a result of this audio interview on Lost Arts Radio.

During this first interview, we hear about Dr. Cousens’ history in becoming a psychiatrist and starting the Tree of Life Center and trainings. Interviewer Richard Saks and Dr. Cousens also discuss the doctors who have disappeared who were involved in GMAF research.

Dr. Cousens discusses in detail the research on meditation and it’s effect on telomeres and stress. Who are the models for meditation and longevity? How does meditation fit into the big picture of health?

Many don’t know about Dr. Cousens’ humanitarian work which includes training in Nigeria, Mexico and other countries to prevent diabetes and working with country and tribal leaders.

Some other topics discussed include: Why spirituality is important in healing and the question of “Loving myself”. What is Kundalini and why is it important?

Learn how drugs are antithetical to the flow of the kundalini and photographical brain damage from recreational and ‘spiritual’ drugs. How drugs usually only take you to astral realm and how meditating can take you to higher levels.

Health Lessons

The series of 11 health lessons with Dr. Cousens began in January 2016. Below are the links and a brief list of topics discussed. You can also find the episodes as podcasts on iTunes and on YouTube.

IntroductionLost Arts # 33 September 2015: Dr. Cousens’ History and Spirituality and how they came together. (Scroll up for the Audio.)

Lesson 1 – Conscious Parenting and More: Lost Arts #50 January 30, 2016
Conscious Parenting book and parenting issues. Some topics discussed include: vaccination research; algae; sea vegetables, GMO’s. Topics to be aware of in public schools. Loving yourself enough to heal yourself.
Resource Websites: treeoflifecenterus.com
Tree of Life Foundation

Lesson 2 –Toxic Synergy: Lost Arts #54 Februray 3, 2016
Fukishima; Type 1 Diabetes; cumulative effect of toxins.

Lesson 3 – Vaccinations: Lost Arts #58 February 21, 2016
Vaccination; GMOs in food and in forests, animals.

Lesson 4 – GMOs: Lost Arts #61 March 15, 2016
Unlabeled GMOs; further details on real effects of vaccines.

Lesson 5 –Drugging of America: Lost Arts #65 April 10, 2016
Our use of medications; mindset that medicines are healthy; statistics on medicine use; societal problems with medication.

Lesson 6 –Drugging of America Cont.: Lost Arts #68 May 15, 2016
Continuation of Toxic Synergy discussion; medical drugs and our societies addiction to them.

Lesson 6 –Brain Health: Lost Arts #74 June 26, 2016
The bigger picture of brain health and overcoming the effects of poisonous chemicals in our food, air and water as well as those that enter our bodies as drugs and vaccines.

Lesson 7 –The Brain & Toxicity: Lost Arts #78 July 24, 2016
Brain imbalances due to toxins; nuclear radiation; EMFs; chemtrail fallout.

Lesson 8–Depression: Lost Arts #80 August 7, 2016
Depression causes and natural cures; the spiritual connection to depression; drugs that cause depression; high blood pressure medication; effects of wheat allergy; allergenic foods that may cause depression; association with diabetes and other diseases; iodine and depression; why more depression in women.

Lesson 9 –Holistic Veganism: Lost Arts #84 September 4, 2016
Ahimsa (non-harming); “old age”; lifestyle choices; immunity; reversing health conditions; what we can do on the physical level to get back in contact with parts of ourselves we have forgotten existed.

Lesson 10 – Live Food Health Benefits: Lost Arts #90 October 16, 2016
Why consume 80{91e3a87ad9ed6049930b03d9fe747551ba377bfccbb87792dcbd747a78b99eec} – 100{91e3a87ad9ed6049930b03d9fe747551ba377bfccbb87792dcbd747a78b99eec} live food diet? The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center’s programs.

Lesson 11 – Diabetes (Final Lesson): Lost Arts #96  Nov 27, 2016
What is the real cure of diabetes and how is it done?


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