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Day 7 Cyndi’s Nirahara Samyama Diary: Sacred Chambers, Spa for the Soul

Today it was a real treat to participate in a Sacred Chambers day in Seattle. For me, it is a Spa for the Soul

The Sri Amma Bhagavan Sacred Chambers are part of the Oneness phenomenon, out of India. When I was attending events in India in Fall 2013, we were told about how the a new phenomenon was manifesting in many Indian homes because many Indians were connecting strongly with their own Divine.

In India, every home has an altar and some homes where people also had the Sri Murthi (sacred, living picture) of Sri AmmaBhagavan on their altar were experiencing phenomenon such as the people in the picture moving, Amma or Bhagavan talking (ala Harry Potter) and Amma or Bhagavan, or another Divine like Krishna, coming out of the picture.

A Oneness Trainer in California reported that it happened to her, where Amma came out of the Sri Murthi into her living room and hugged and talked to the woman. A German woman in my dorm room told us of a friend in Germany who is a mobile nurse and also received a visit and hug from Amma, who stepped out of the Sri Murthi, and was told her job now is to share this love with people.

In January of 2014, Oneness University initiated the first Westerners to offer the Sacred Chamber process in their homes or Oneness Centers. “Chambers” here means “rooms”. You simply enter the First Chamber (usually a living room) and the facilitator guides you through a process of meditation and introspection and seeing how you are with various aspects of relating to your Divine.

From there you proceed to the Second Chamber, usually a small room where there is an altar. The Sri Murthi we call the Kalki Bhagavan, which is a photo of a younger Bhagavan in his yellow robe, presides over the proceedings. In the Second Chamber, you ask for healing from your Divine: you can talk (or not) to Sri Bhagavan or your own Divine about whatever you like.

In the Third Chamber, another small room or partition, the main Sri Murthi of Sri AmmaBhagavan is on the altar and usually the facilitator has added other sculptures and pictures of other representations of the Divine to the altar, like Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, Amma (the Hugging Saint), etc. The Chambers’ facilitators really do a wonderful, loving and tasteful job of decorating and creating a nurturing environment.

Again, the intent is for you to connect with YOUR Divine, some people are inspired to talk, some to sing. Your Divine could make an external (to you) appearance or connect with you in your inner space. Many people have experienced physical and mental healings in the Chambers.

Most facilitators limit the maximum number of people to 5-7. Each person enters the Second and Third Chambers alone, so the whole process takes about 4-6 hours and the process is free. Our hosts were most gracious with tea/coffee/water service and you are expected to be there for yourself and to stay in silence and not engage in conversations.

Today, I enjoyed the wait for my turn, sometimes on the balcony overlooking Puget Sound and downtown Seattle, sometimes on the couch, reading an Indian-printed AmmaBhagavan book with great miracle stories of lives changed by the Oneness teachings. I also did my Surya Namaskars while waiting. It was truly a Spa for the Soul!

Sacred Chambers facilities are all over the world now and you can find one near you by visiting and choosing Directories>Sacred Chambers and choosing your Country.

My experience of the Sacred Chambers today helped me recognize a “charge” or “incompletion” I had been acutely aware of for 2 years and needed to spend some more time bringing that issue to completion. The Chambers’ facilitator Kimberley Cowan, an intuitive, shared some useful insights for me regarding core relationships that issue may stem from and I truly appreciated my three friends and Kimberley’s partner, Ton, who were present.

All in all a great day to make the most of the Nirahara Samyama process and go within and spend some time with me.

What I did on Day 7 Nirahara Samyama:

– Day 4 of 7 days on Liquids

Drink or Eat

Structured Water and DE Structured Water
Neem leaf powder (1/4 tsp w/ 1/4 tsp structured water)
Carrot Juice
Kevita sparkling probiotic drink
Suja Green mixed with Evolution Tangerine
Watermelon juice (blended and strained)


drive son to school & Safeway shopping for juice/veggies
108 Ajapa Japa “Om Hreem Nithyanandaya Namaha”
Sacred Chambers process in Seattle
Surya Namaskar
21min Kriya Breathing
Read Sri Amma Bhagavan Indian book

Watched: Live Satsang (missed first 1/2hr)


A quick stop in the morning to Safeway, for juices and veggies to make juices from was challenging, I didn’t even really want to buy anything for me, didn’t feel that drawn to eat or drink anything and difficult to think of what foods the family might need. I am really not having a difficult time with not eating right now.

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