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Day 1 Cyndi’s Nirahara Samyama Diary July 2015: Progressing Along the Food-free Path

“Everything is belief programs,” has become one of my ‘observational mantras’ since I experienced a significant shift of perception and quietening of the mind at the Oneness University in India in Fall of 2013.

Believing that we need to eat food to survive is just another of those belief programs that shapes our lives.

Cyndi at Oneness Temple 2013

After participating in a 28-day Deepening process then two 10-day Trainer’s courses, which included processes with the incredible Oneness Temple, I came home invigorated and changed. Over the following months of integration, my awareness became heightened by seeing the beliefs and programs behind people’s actions, society’s makeup and daily activities.

Remember the scene in The Matrix, when Neo is doing the impossible and the others are watching the code falling on the computer monitor? That is a bit what it’s been like for me, I’ve been seeing the code falling, as I saw the various beliefs for what they were: just programs propping up our reality.

Near the end of my re-entry from India (it took a year!), I began researching ‘breatharians’ online. I had already read Jasmuheen’s book some years ago so I already knew we didn’t need food to survive, and I wondered if more breatharians had become popular online, as it I’d heard a few of the popular raw fooders talk about progressing to liquid diets.

My searching turned up an Indian Master I hadn’t heard of yet: Swami Paramahamsa Nithyananda, dubbed “A Living Incarnation”. He has an incredible collection of teachings on the web, over 2000 YouTubes! As well as free live streaming of his near-daily Satsangs. He’s always smiling and looks great, too!

The first site of his I found was site. Swami Nithyananda has a free process you can do at home to begin to dismantle the belief patterns which enslave us to food! Free is good.

I explored the program, called Nirahara Samyama, which begins on the 1st day of each month at 7am Indian-time with the Satsang that morning in India. For us on Pacific Time this is at 5:30pm (PST) or 6:30pm (PDT) the evening before the 1st. I participated in and completed the November 2014 Batch 36 and started last evening with Batch 45.

I had already experienced two 21-day water fasts, a 10-day water fast which yielded some interesting healing effects, and a one-day Ekadasi process (fast with no water) which I enjoyed and got so much energy from I did it for two days.

The Nirahara Samyama is different. It is not a diet. It is not completed on willpower. 

You are under the tutelage of Swami Nithyananda and receiving energetic support of some sort from him. You simply tune it to the Satsang every day and be present and participate in the meditation they do or if there is no Satsang that day, there are meditation practices you can do on your own. There are a few other practices and requirements I’ll get into later or you can read about it on the BFoodFree website.

The process involves the first two days of liquid diet (nothing chewable), then one day of eating, then 7 days of liquid diet, then 1 day of eating, then 11 days of liquid diet. 

The liquid diet can be juices, water, teas, milk, buttermilk, soup broths, soup and thin porridges. I’ve also done smoothies and raw soups (put it through a strainer to ensure no chewy bits), fresh nutmilks (for a treat, blend in some raw cocoa and stevia or xylitol), kombucha, and sparkling kefir. Coffee is permitted also.

Luckily if you don’t want to haul out the juicer, fresh cold-pressed juices, NOT pasteurized, are becoming more available. On the West Coast, we are lucky to have Starbucks’ new brand of juices called Evolution Fresh which are made with a Norwalk Press.

Should you choose fresh raw juices or pasteurized, ie heated, (beware even “flash pasteurized” is still heated, just faster). Ah, but that is another of those beliefs! If you think the pasteurized is bad for you, then, perhaps, it is!

What I did on Day 1 Nirahara Samyama:

– Day 1 of 2 days on Liquids

Drink or Eat
Neem leaf powder (1/4 tsp w/ 1/4 tsp structured water)
Sructured Water
Orange Juice (from frozen)
iced herbal tea
Fruit/greens smoothie
Veggie soup blended and strained (brocollini, mushrooms, asparagus, red onion, fresh marjoram & thyme, leftover quinoa, Thai True Green Curry, coconut milk)


short bike ride for an errand
2 hrs cutting branches and scotch broom
Watched and did:

I had sorta ate a lot of some of yummy foods we had around the house before the evening (morning in India) satsang, so my first full day was not so eventful. I felt a bit hungry towards the evening when I had the cooked soup. On the food days, I will likely only eat raw, but then, I am working on dropping another layer of ‘food beliefs’ this time. The first Nirahara Samyama process I did helped me to drop judgements on myself or others about eating any particular type of diet. 
Although I prefer raw, organic and vegan, I think our choices of food on this plane of existence should be more around what is sustainable and healthy for our society and ecosystem and while still hooked in the belief that you need to eat, you might as well eat the food with the highest amount of energy, which would actually be wild, raw food.

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