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International Juice Feasting Day Kick Off

My family and I were pleased to attend the live party/webcast for the first International Juice Feasting Day.

Dave the Raw Food Trucker launched this in honor of the Tree of Life center in Patagonia, Arizona. Dave followed Gabriel Cousens book, There is a Cure for Diabetes. Dave lost over 200 pounds, as well as diabetes and colon cancer and kidney disease by turning to raw foods.

The replay link for the live feed is here.

Dan, the Liferegenerator, has made great videos of Dave’s progress, be sure to watch them all!

Dan and Dave are incredibly inspiring. I like Dan’s focus on ‘regeneration’.. it is what most of us need, even if we aren’t facing a major disease, like Dave was.

Drink a toast of juice or smoothie to Dave, the Tree of Life and Gabriel Cousens in thanks for Dave’s incredible healing!

UPDATE: Dave now has his own website at:

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