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Day 2 Cyndi’s Nirahara Samyama Diary: Just Liquids Today

In my first post of this diary I shared how I found the Nirahara Samyama process. Read it here.

So I had a good day today of taking care of myself. I’ve been doing Surya Namaskar yoga (Sun Salutations) in the mornings and working on making a habit of that. I have 2 favorite videos I’ve been following along with. The first one I do the warm-up with as they only do a few Sun salutations. But today, I did the whole video. It is from Swamji’s Nithya Yoga, which he is bringing back with teachings from the old texts, and seems a very good form of yoga. [Update May 2017, the video I used was removed, but this one is a good introduction to Surya Namaskar and Nithya Yoga.]

I follow the Surya with some core ab exercises, as even when I was a bicycle racer, my abs were my weak point: better late than never!

Another thing I did for myself today was to register for an online heart-based business coaching program and began the modules. I am so excited to do this for myself as finally the clarity of what I am to “do with my life” is bubbling to the surface and the program I chose felt so “right”, from my heart, that I just had to do it.

Today reached over 95° and our duplex doesn’t handle this well, being southwest facing! I fell asleep before the live satsang and woke up during the last 15 mins.

Only felt a little hunger in the late afternoon. Just drank water, a bit of juice and ate the leftover veggie soup today, oh and a bit of coconut bliss dark chocolate ice cream. My reasoning: it was after the morning satsang of the 3rd day, so I should be good, as the 3rd day is a food day. Sounds like some sort of food habit in that reasoning!

And that is the fun part of doing this samyama: go easy on yourself, follow the ‘rules’ of the process, and if you slip up, just observe it and acknowledge it and get back on track. If you start eating though, the process ends for you.

Someone asked in the Nirahara Facebook group (closed) if popsicles were OK. Awaiting a response on that one yet!

What I did on Day 2 Nirahara Samyama:

– Day 2 of 2 days on Liquids

Drink or Eat
Neem leaf powder (1/4 tsp w/ 1/4 tsp structured water)
Haritaki powder (1 tsp w/ 1 tsp structured water)
Sructured Water
Smooth Move tea
Orange Juice (from frozen)
Leftover Veggie soup blended and strained (brocollini, mushrooms, asparagus, red onion, fresh marjoram & thyme, leftover quinoa, Thai True Green Curry, coconut milk)
Coconut Bliss ice cream

Surya Namaskar and exercises
Cooked for family
21min Kriya Breathing
15 min walk in 95° (felt good, for a bit!)
Nithyananda Live 7am IST Satsang (6:30pm PDT)

Yesterday, I also cooked for the family. My son still likes meat, so I made him turkey bacon in the morning and ground beef a couple nights ago. Usually I simply cannot and refuse to do the meat thing. But these times, since starting the samyama, I just saw the meat as ‘objects’, without the emotional attachment of my judgements against meat. I really don’t like the smell and may even feel nauseated from the smell and I don’t recall I was repulsed by the smell as I usually am.



For an introduction to the Nirahara Samyama process, read the first post of this diary here. For all the posts in this series, go here: Nirahara Samyama Diary July 2015

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